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His Mission
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My speaking engagements prove a valuable tool for companies with a need for safety awareness. My unique circumstances and ability to relate to those around me are only a few of the items that allow me to captivate an audience and drive home the need for safety in the workplace. A work-related accident changed my life, as well as my personal commitment to safety awareness.

The ability to speak with others regarding my accident gives my life a great sense of fulfillment. I aspire to work even harder, longer, and more passionately each day to influence the lives of others. It is my hope that at the various events I have attended, a seed is planted. As the men and women I speak to return to their daily jobs, I also hope the seed grows, and just like a large shade tree offers them protection not from the sun, but the dangers they face every day.

While I have successfully conveyed my experiences to thousands of people in seminars where I was either a guest or keynote speaker, I still cannot stress my status as a working class, blue collar man enough. The sight of a grown man in tears after hearing my story puzzled me at first, yet time has helped me comprehend that my accounts of being buried alive spark emotion in even the “toughest” men not out of sympathy or fear, but rather the basic realization that they could easily be in my shoes. I have no reservations speaking from my heart and relating to each and every worker sitting in the audience simply because these are the type of men I have called co-workers my entire life.