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Safety Awareness Solutions

Diana D, Lake County Discovery Museum


I attended your heartfelt presentation yesterday at Independence Grove Forest Preserve in Libertyville, Illinois. You are a terrific speaker, and do an amazing job of relaying your own tragic experience to emphasize the importance and relevance of safety every day in our lives. Thank you for sharing such a personal and moving story, and making us all think about safety in a new and profound way.

- Diana D, Coordinator, Lake County Discovery Museum

Carrie P, Alliant Energy


We wanted to thank you one last time for speaking to our group yesterday. Your message is so powerful. We have heard nothing but praise for your participation at the meeting. We also wanted to thank you for speaking with our employees throughout the day. I know they all appreciated the chance to get a few minutes of your time.

- Carrie P, CSP, Alliant Energy

Rob D, Independence Excavating


As I've been driving around to the job sites this week almost every person told me how impactful you were Saturday. We have been putting on this safety day for many years and have had many safety focused and motivational speakers in that time. None, however, have connected to our team the way you did. While your accident was terrible, perhaps it led you to bigger things. Most people spend a lifetime finding their life purpose. You certainly seem to have found yours. Thanks for having the courage to share your story.

- Rob DiGeronimo, Independence Excavating

Wendy B, EXCO Resources


I heard your story today at our Brookville Shop. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am always telling the guys every morning after they report to go work safely today. Alot of the guys I work with have that "it won't happen to me" attitude and I really hope that after hearing what happened to you that they will reflect differently upon how they do their job. I was moved to tears after hearing your story. I have to admit that I don't always wear my seatbelt but from now on I will. Please keep speaking to other organizations because safety SHOULD be a way of life not just something you do at your job.

-Wendy B., EXCO Resources

Robert A, Participant


I was going to put the video on and walk away for 30 minutes, because it was mandatory that everyone in the Company watch it. I could have just set it on my desk and turned it back in a few hours later. Or better yet I could have just signed it out and signed it back in without ever taking the video. There was no one watching, no one would know. Everyone had already told me about the video, so I could bluff my way though any questions from my supervisor. But all of that seemed slightly dishonest, so I made the decision to at least take the video and have it run in my computer. I would mute the sound and get some “real work” done while the video ran.

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