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Dale Lesinski, DiVal


I would like thank you for your contribution in making our recent Safety Summit a success. Your session was attended by over 500 people and for over an hour they were riveted to your story and accounts of your personal tragedy.

Changing behaviors and attitudes towards safety is one of the top challenges of companies and Safety Professionals. Your message is a powerful tool and resource that grabs the audience’s attention and commands respect. The fact that you have literally lived through this tragedy gives you the credibility to have even the greatest “it won’t happen to me” critic reconsider their approach to safety.

You have touched hundreds of people and I have dozens and dozens of positive comments from people that have listened to your presentation. You personify the working man – the audience totally relates to you and I feel that is why you are able to make such a profound impact.

Thank you again for the commitment you have made in spreading your message. I know you are making a difference and you are changing people’s behaviors and attitudes!

Dale Lesinski, Vice President of Sales, DiVal