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Safety Awareness Solutions offers the following safety speakers:

Eric Giguere

Eric Giguere's speaking engagements prove a valuable tool for companies with a need for safety awareness. His Story "The Buried Truth Uncovered" is about a work-related accident that changed his life, as well as his personal commitment to safety awareness. His unique circumstances and ability to relate to those around him, captivate an audience and drive home the need for safety in the workplace. Read more...

Brad Livingtson

In his presentation, Brad explains about each of these contributing factors - Pride; Shortcuts; Attitude; Complacency, and how they have affected every day of the rest of his life, and, quite unfortunately, many other lives. These factors exist in EVERY line of work, in EVERY type of business, so it’s not the explosions that Brad addresses as much as it is the contributing factors. Brad makes it clear why you cannot allow them to be a part of your workplace. Read more...

Gary Norland

Gary Norland's motivational safety presentation is for everyone from the corporate office to the factory floor. Working as an industrial electrician, Gary learned firsthand how devastating a life changing event can be when he survived a 12,500 volt electrical accident. His story, "12.5 and Still Alive" helps change attitudes about safety and save others the pain of his mistakes. He tells the truth about safety in the work place and the far reaching ripple effect it has on family, friends, coworkers, and the community you live in. Read more...

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