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Eric Giguere
His Story
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As I left for work on the morning of October 4th 2002, little was different in my daily routine other than the wedding ring I had now been wearing on my finger for six days. In my current position as a laborer I was tasked with installing water lines in a rural setting. Though the work was difficult it gave me a sense of accomplishment and well being as I knew I would be able to provide well for both my wife and myself. At the age of 27 I felt as though my hard work was well rewarded with an hourly wage of over twenty dollars per-hour. Things changed quickly later that afternoon.

His Mission
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My speaking engagements prove a valuable tool for companies with a need for safety awareness. My unique circumstances and ability to relate to those around me are only a few of the items that allow me to captivate an audience and drive home the need for safety in the workplace. A work-related accident changed my life, as well as my personal commitment to safety awareness.

His Clients
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Eric Giguere has spoken at various seminars, conferences and safety events. Here are some highlights: