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Chris Rogers, Town of Fairfield, CT


I saw your presentation today at the Call Before You Dig seminar and I wanted to e mail you and tell you that your story is very moving. I work for a municipality in Connecticut as an engineering inspector and I see numerous times when people make the wrong decision on a job site. After seeing your presentation today you have changed my outlook on safety on the job site and I’m sure every other person in that room today.

You not only have a remarkable story but you lived to talk about it, and after watching your You Tube video you say it just right, your a normal guy, a normal blue collar worker just trying to make a living and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and thankfully lived to tell about it. I have been to several seminars and your story is truly the most informative and moving presentation I have ever heard. I could not imaging the pain you have gone through to get to where you are today, the whole life changing experience as a whole.

Your story has a real life lesson everyone will learn from and I can honestly tell you, you have changed my life and my outlook on safety. Next time I see someone in a trench without shoring, or on a job site not wearing a hard hat I will make it my personal obligation to make them do right. I want to send you a personal thank you for changing my life and my outlook on job site safety. I would love to hear your heart wrenching story again and let my coworkers hear it so you can hopefully change their outlook as well.

-Chris Rogers, Town of Fairfield CT