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Motivational Safety Speaker Eric Giguere


Eric's Story

story iconWorking in a trench,  I crouched down near the pipe our crew had been laying. Without warning the sides collapsed... Read more...

His Clients

client iconEric Giguere has spoke at various seminars, conferences and safety events. Here are some highlights... Read more...

His Mission

mission iconEric's death-defying work-related accident changed his life, as well his personal commitment to safety awareness. Read more...

Testimonials for Eric

testimonial iconEric Giguere has captivated audiences about safety in the workplace all over the United States. Here are some testimonials... Read more...

Safety DVD's Available!

safety video

Purchase Eric's Safety DVD in English or Spanish Here!

safety video

Purchase Kina Repp's Safety DVD Here!

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Client Testimonial

Robert A, Participant

I was going to put the video on and walk away for 30 minutes, because it was mandatory that everyone in the Company watch it. I could have just set it on my desk and turned it back in a few hours later. Or better yet I could have just signed it out and signed it back in without ever taking the video. There was no one watching, no one would know. Everyone had already told me about the video, so I could bluff my way though any questions from my supervisor. But all of that seemed slightly dishonest, so I made the decision to at least take the video and have it run in my computer. I would mute the sound and get some “real work” done while the video ran.

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